Epson AR Flight Simulator

Epson's AR flight simulator for DJI Drones allows you to fly a hologram of a DJI Mavic Pro.

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Epson's AR flight simulator for DJI Drones allows you to fly a hologram of a DJI Mavic Pro. This application allows you to fly a 3D digital drone in the real world using remote controller of the DJI’s compatible drones.

As a drone owner, the first question that anyone asks is "can I fly it?" With this AR flight simulator app, you can comfortably answer yes, to any request. The hologram of the Mavic Pro cannot be crashed! Please note that this is the first drone application that the Epson Moverio team has launched, so we realize that there are still some limitations. We're investigating upgrades and additional features and would love to hear your input. Please feel free to leave comments & suggestions on the YouTube video above.

Our team hopes this experience is something that you're excited to share. If you do, we encourage you to share first time reaction videos on YouTube and mention "Moverio AR Flight Simulator" in the title. We'll add the best videos to a playlist on our Moverio YouTube Channel.

Compatible Drones

Mavic Pro series, Phantom4 series, Inspire2

How to Play

  1. Connect to Wifi at first start
  2. Turn on Moverio
  3. Remove the propellers from the drone
  4. Turn on the aircraft and remote controller
  5. Plug the remote controller into MOVERIO device
  6. Select Epson AR Flight Simulator in the popup screen of Moverio display to initiate connection

    Tip 1: Use the directional pad to scroll down the list if you have multiple drone compatible applications

    Tip 2: When prompted to open the app "just once" with this app or "always," you'll want to select "just once" if you're going to be using other drone apps

  7. Follow the instructions displayed in the app

FAQ How to Video

App Overview - 3 Experiences

1. Fly Zone

Fly a 3D, digital model of a DJI Mavic Pro in true, 360 degree augmented reality.

Difficulty Level: Beginner

2. Flight of the Rings

Navigate the Mavic Pro through a course of rings. If the drone touches a ring, the game is over.

Difficulty Level: Nearly Impossible/Extreme Expert

3. Candy Catch

16 candies are scattered throughout the sky, capture them all to finish the challenge.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

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