Moverio AR SDK Documentation

for BT-300, BT-350, BT-2000, BT-2200

Release Note

Version Date Contents
V1.2 2018.10.24


  • Added support for Unity 2017/2018
  • Added method to load external Training Data with Unity applications
  • Added new namespace MoverioARInfrastructure.Type to Unity APIs
  • Revamped Capture Tool UI
  • Improved Calibration Tool instructions

Known Issues

  • [Unity Plugin]
    2D image tracking may not work well if the same Image ID exists in the Training Data used. To avoid this problem, please be sure to give a different Image ID.
  • [SDK for Android Studio]
    Memory leaks may occur when frequently switching activity with an application created using Android Studio.
    This issue does not occur for applications created using Unity.
V1.1 2018.04.30
  • Initial release