BT-200 Technical FAQ

Hardware Specifications

Texas Instruments OMAP4460 (ARM Cortex A9 Dual Core 1.2GHz)

MicroSD card and MicroSDHC card with a maximum of 32GB.

GPS, Camera, accelerometer, gyro and compass.
GPS is on the controller. Camera is on the headset. All other sensors are on both controller and headset.

MOVERIO has a multi-touch pad which is similar to a PC touch pad and behaves like a PC pointing device.

No. It uses Wi-Fi connection.
Users can connect MOVERIO to Wi-Fi hotspot or tether it to mobile phones.

Yes, BT-200 supports the following Bluetooth profiles: A2DP(Source), HSP(Gateway), HID(Host), OPP and SPP.

System Specifications

Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) - API Level is 15.

No, BT-200 uses Tablet UI (instead of Phone UI)

No, screen orientation is not associated with sensor orientation. The screen is always in landscape mode.

Yes, Application settings can be set to Portrait mode.
However, Epson recommends to use Landscape mode because the user experience would be better.
If you switch to Portrait mode, the App must return to landscape mode when the session is completed.

A" Use Android Sensor Service.
The BT-200 sensors do not use proprietary sensor data format.


ADB is available only in the developer version.
Follow the instructions on this website to update the standard BT-200 to a developer version with ADB support.
However, there are usage conditions (see technical info -> developer OS sections for details).

Use the ADB driver which is included with the Android SDK.
Please refer to the Epson ADB Configuration Documentation for details.

You can debug via ADB from Apple Macintosh.


Yes, it supports side-by-side 3D format which contains the left side and right side images in one frame.

No, you have to select one of the sets.
For more details, please see developer info.

Please obtain positioning data through GPS location service.
You cannot use Google positioning service that is only available from Google certified device. It takes time to receive satellite signal.

Smartphone uses A-GPS data from cellular station. MOVERIO uses P-GPS data from Wi-Fi network.
If Wi-Fi is not available, MOVERIO will use GPS satellite data which takes time.

No, You cannot use Google Maps application that is only available from Google certified device via GooglePlay.

No, BT-200 users control the Miracast App. Therefore, other third party Apps cannot control the Miracast function directly.

Yes. After you launch the Miracast App and make it run in the background in source mode and connect it with another device, you can use your App from a smartphone.

The background should be set to black (RGB intensity should be zero).

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