BT-2000/2200 Support Tools

Item Version File Size  
1 User's Guide - 2.3MB PDF PDF
2 Developer's Guide (All Documents) Rev.1.5 3.9MB PDF PDF
  2-1 Table of contents Rev.1.5 430KB PDF PDF
  2-2 Introduction Rev.1.5 1.6MB PDF PDF
  2-3 Display & UI Rev.1.5 980KB PDF PDF
  2-4 Camera & Sensors Rev.1.5 1.3MB PDF PDF
  2-5 Bluetooth® & Power Control Rev.1.5 1.2MB PDF PDF
  2-6 Self-diagnostic function & GPS Assist Rev.1.5 680KB PDF PDF
3 Download SDK & SampleProject R1.4.0 983KB Learn More
4 System software for developer release note R1.5.0 470KB PDF PDF
5 Sysytem Software Update
Note: Cannot downgrade the OS ver. to Ver.R1.2.1 or earlier
R1.5.0 115MB Learn More
6 Previous version information - - Learn More

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