BT-300 Documentation

Developer's Guide

Revision history

Revision Item Revised contents
Rev.1.0 - -
Rev.1.1 1.2 Added precaution for creating App for BT-300
  2.5.1 Deleted description of unnecessary setting items for gradle
  3.4.2 Added "Comparison with mute knock function"
  5.1 Added frame rate and precaution for camera release process
Rev.1.2 2.4 Revised USB debugging setting
  3.2 Added note for switch between 2D/3D in full screen mode
Rev.1.3 1.2 Revised Vender ID
  2.5.2 Added setting items for gradle
  7.1 Added "Recording using Bluetooth headsets"
Rev.1.4 3.3.1 Added note of Android Standard API
  7.1.2 Added note of Android Standard API
Rev.1.5 3.2 Added notes on using VideoView during full screen mode
  3.3.1 Revised notes regarding Android standard API
  5.1.1 Added description of camera scene mode
  7.1.2 Revised notes regarding Android standard API
Rev.1.6 5.1.2 Revised description in UVC camera
Rev.1.7 2.5.2 Revised description of build.gradle
Rev.1.8 6.1.3 Added "Sensor calibration function"
Rev.1.9 6.1.1 Added notes regarding the sensor TYPE_ROTATION_VECTOR
  7.1.1 Added description of "Supported specifications"

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