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Epson Moverio Admin Release Note (Ver.EP1.40)

1. Release version

This Release Note is for the software of Epson Moverio Admin Version EP1.40.

Functions may be limited depending on the combination of the version of the BT-350 system software and EMA.
We recommend using a combination of the latest versions (system software: R1.2.0, EMA: EP 1.40).

Added functions in this version

  • Flashing red LEDs for devices selected in Epson Moverio Admin
  • Displaying the status of data synchronization using LEDs
  • Specifying the synchronization folder path
  • Synchronizing by folder
  • Deleting the target file from the [Data synchronization] area after synchronizing the application/OS
  • Export/Import functions for registered information of PC

2. How to check the version

The alphanumeric characters displayed under the MOVERIO logo is the version.

3. How to update

Before updating the software, please uninstall the current software of Epson Moverio Admin.
Please refer to "Uninstalling" described on page 12 of Epson Moverio Admin User's Guide.

After uninstallation completes, please download the latest Epson Moverio Admin from "Downloads" of this site and install it on the personal computer. Please refer to "Installation Method" described on page 10 of Epson Moverio Admin User's Guide for installing.

4. Windows10 note

If Epson Moverio Admin is installed and Windows 10 is updated to Ver. 1809 (Nov, 2018), registry information of Epson Moverio Admin will be deleted and it may not work properly. Please reinstall the Epson Moverio Admin in order to use same as before Windows 10 update.

5. Release History

Version Date Update contents
EP1.40 2018.02.21 As stated in paragraph 1
1.30.011 2017.07.04 Fixed a mistake of "Start All" button in French, Germany, Italy, and Spanish
1.30.010 2017.05.18 Initial release

* Please note that the information in this document is subject to change without prior notice.

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