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8. Audio Management

8.1. Audio Management overview

You can change and acquire presets for the microphone gain. You can adjust the sensitivity for recorded volume when the volume recorded using a cable microphone is too high or too low. Use the best setting to suit your usage.

  • Import file

  • Constructor

    AudioControl (Context context)

  • Interface

    • Set microphone sensitivity preset

      boolean setALCPreset (int preset)


      [in] preset : Preset ID

      Return value

      Execution results : true (success), false (failure)

    • Acquire microphone gain sensitivity preset

      int getALCPreset()



      Return value

      Current Preset ID (See Table 8-1 Preset list)

Table 8-1 Preset list
Data type Static name Value Explanation
static final int PRESET_0 0 No sensitivity control
static final int PRESET_1 1 Sensitivity "Low"
static final int PRESET_2 2 Sensitivity "Medium" (Default)
static final int PRESET_3 3 Sensitivity "High"
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