BT-350 Documentation

5. Camera Control

5.1. Camera control summary

The BT-350 has a camera built into the headset. As well as standard photography, you can also use it to recognize markers

5.1.1. Main specifications of the built-in camera

Table 5-1 Main specifications of the built-in camera
Item Contents
Resolution Picture size 2560x1920/ 1920x1080/ 1280x720/ 640x480/
Preview size 1920x1080/ 1280x720/ 640x480/
Video size 1920x1080/ 1280x720/ 640x480/
Exposure compensation Maximum, minimum max: +5, min: -5
White balance   auto/ incandescent/ fluorescent/ warm-fluorescent/ daylight/ cloudy-daylight/ shade/ twilight
Scene mode   auto/ action/ portrait/ night/ barcode*

* barcode is a scene mode for image correction suitable for reading barcode and QR code reading. The pre-installed camera application does not support the barcode reading function. When reading barcode, please use other hardware such as scanner, or using the barcode library compatible with the standard Android API.

5.1.2. Externally connected camera

  • The BT-350 allows you to connect a UVC 1.1 supported camera to the micro-USB connector
  • The image resolution and frame rate for shooting images depends on the camera being used.
  • Note that we cannot guarantee operation for all UVC supported cameras.

5.1.3. Precaution for camera release process

When camera is open and user press HOME key, App will evacuate to background. Please be sure to do the camera release process in that situation. In details, please write camera release process in onPause method. Especially for external camera, while in the situation of not doing release process, be careful it may not be in right connected situation when detaching.

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