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Download Epson Moverio Sensor Calibration

App Description

This app helps you calibrate the sensors inside BT-350 headset and controller.
By calibrating BT-350 with this app, the sensors will function more accurate.


Be aware of your surroundings when sensor calibration.
DO NOT hold on the temples when sensor calibration. This may cause damage to your headset.


In the following cases, please check this FAQ (S-10).

  • Sensor calibration can not be completed.
  • Even if the calibration of the sensor is completed, the direction is shifted.
  • When calibrating the sensor, the controller's LED no longer flickers.

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The copyrights of released applications, except for those with particular statements, are all owned by Seiko Epson or all Seiko Epson's related subsidiary companies.

How to Install

How to install this app? Please refer to here

Update History

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  • Revision of the software license agreement

How to Download

Please download the APK file after reading and agreeing with the license terms below.

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