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Epson BT-350 Update Tool User's Guide

Epson BT-350 Update Tool Functions

By installing the update tool on Windows PC, you can update BT-350 one by one.

System Operating Requirements

Following specifications are required for the computer to use.

OS Windows 7/8.1/10
Interface USB port

The connected BT-350 may not be displayed as Portable Devices in My Computer.
In this situation, download and then install the target driver from the following link.

Intel USB driver

Install and run Epson BT-350 Update Tool

  1. Click here to download Epson BT-350 Update Tool.
  2. De-compress the download file to any folder.
  3. Double-click the "BT-350UpdateTool.exe" to run Update Tool.

How to update the system software of BT-350

  1. Start up BT-350.
    * Note: Battery remaining amount of 30% or more is required to execute the update.
  2. Connect BT-350 to the computer with a USB cable.
  3. Start up Epson BT-350 Update Tool.

  4. Click the "Refresh Device Information " button to load the device information to Update Tool.
    (Even if you do not press the button, information will be imported to the computer after a while.)

  5. Drag the latest system software "" and drop it to the device information area.
  6. A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Please click "OK" to start the update.
    The location of the dragged and dropped file is displayed in the Last file used area.
    It takes about 4 minutes to update.

  7. After update, BT-350 will reboot automatically and finish the update.
    Make sure that the latest version is displayed and Status shows "NORMAL" then disconnect the USB cable.

  8. If you want to update another BT-350, please connect it to the computer with USB cable and click [Refresh Device Information] button.
    After confirming the device information of new BT-350 is displayed, please click [Update System Software] button.
    System software will be updated.
    Please repeat the operation after step5.
  9. Please click on the "X" on the upper right to close the update tool.

Error Messages

An error message alerts users of a problem that has already occurred.
Please refer following.

No. Error Message How to respond
1 Memory operation was failed. Please close the update tool and start it again.
2 Internal error was occurred. Please close the update tool and start it again.
3 The target device is not available. Please make sure that BT-350 is connected.
4 The file is not available. Please select correct file. Please confirm that it is a correct file.
5 MTP operation was failed. Please confirm the media device (MTP) for the BT-350 is enable. Please check the USB connection and retry updating.
6 MTP interface is not ready yet. MTTP communication is not ready. Please plug in or unplug the USB cable, or retry after a while.
Also, it may be displayed if an SD card is inserted in the computer.
Please try again after removing SD card.
7 ADB operation was failed. Please try updating again.
8 The device was lost. USB connection may be missing. Please check the USB connection.
9 Invalid file is selected. Please select correct file. Drop one correct update file.
10 Multiple files are dropped. It is not supported. Drop one correct update file.
11 Directory is dropped. Please select correct file. Please select the correct update file.
12 That unit is not ready. Please boot it and try again. Please check that the BT-350 is powered on and try updating again.
13 This software prohibits duplicate running. This tool does not support multiple launch. Please operate with already started tool.
14 Battery level is too low to update system. Please execute Update after setting the remaining battery level to 30% or more.


Please do not pull out the USB able or power off BT-350 during "Now Transmitting update data" or other dialog is displayed.
System update might be failed.

During the adb command of Android SDK operation, the update tool can not recognize BT-350. Please do not run adb command.

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