BT-35E Documentation

Firmware Release Note (V1.2.0)

1. Introduction

This release note is for BT-35E firmware version V1.2.0.

2. Target Products

Products before firmware version 1.2.0.
Click here for how to check the firmware version.

3. Release history

Revision Date Update contents
V1.1.0 2019.04.04
  • Fix the bug that occurs when changing the brightness
  • Improve the sensor accuracy
  • Support for brightness change and sensor data acquisition with Moverio SDK
V1.2.0 2020.01.23
  • Improved stability of RotationVector Sensor
  • Fixed the phenomenon that sensor calibration results may not be saved

* Please update the firmware to after V1.1.0 if you use Moverio SDK.
Because, if you use the application by Moverio SDK, the operation of BT-35E's system may become unstable.

4. Advance Preparation

Please prepare bellows.

  • Windows computer (Windows 10)
  • BT-35E
  • USB Type-C cable or USB Type-A to C cable
  • Attached AC adapter and USB MicroB cable
  • Application: BT35EUpdataTool_V1.2.0.exe

5. Firmware update procedure

Install application by below procedure.


  1. Download "Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 X86" installer and install.

  2. Disconnect BT-35E interface box and headset, supply power to interface box by AC adaptor.
    Confirm if the LED color is orange.

  3. Press Standby button, Volume up button and Brightness down button in same time for over 3 seconds.
    Confirm if the LED color is white.

  4. Connect Windows computer and interface box USB connector by USB Type-C cable or USB Type-A to C cable.

    * At first update, "Setting up a device" notice will be shown. The device driver will be installed automatically, but your PC must be connected to the Internet.
    Please wait for a while until "Device is ready" notice comes and then move to next procedure.

  5. Execute "BT35EUpdateTool_V1.2.0.exe". Then the following dialog will appear.
    Click "OK" to update firmware.
    Firmware update takes around 20 seconds.

    Caution: During firmware update, do not disconnect AC adaptor or USB cables. When disconnected, device might not operate correctly.

    * If the following dialog appears, disconnect USB Type-C cable and back to Step 4 to let Windows PC recognize BT-35E.

  6. After firmware update is completed, the following dialog will be shown.
    Click "OK" to finish update process.

  7. Disconnect cables from interface box and shut down the power.

6. How to check firmware version


  1. Connect BT-35E interface box and headset.
  2. Connect BT-35E interface box and Windows PC by USB Type-C cable*1.
    Confirm if the LED is blue.
  3. Execute "BT35EUpdateTool_V1.2.0.exe"*2. After execution, the version information will be displayed in dialog.

    *1 Please use USB Type-C cable, not USB Type-A to C cable to check firmware version.
    *2 Please turn off COM port connection from other applications, when starting the update application.

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