BT-45C/45CS Technical FAQ


Yes, by connecting the Moverio headset to a PC or tablet that supports USB Type-C DisplayPort Alternate mode.

No, the headset can only be plugged into the bottom USB Type-C port.

You may not be able to wear the headset over glasses that are wider than approximately 144 mm.

The background should be set to black (RGB intensity should be zero). Furthermore, the darker the backlight setting the more transparent the display image will be (and will havemore of a see-through effect).

It is also possible to mute the display (switch off the display, without turning off the system) by tapping on the left hand side.

The BT-45CS headsets are always tethered to a controller for comfort by keeping the weight low and separating the battery from the wearers head.

Use Moverio Basic SDK API to change the display distance. You can also change it with the pre-installed Moverio Link Pro app.

No. You cannot increase or decrease the Field of View.

No,the light guide is fixed and the display cannot be modified.

No the same image is displayed in both display panels to avoid conflict between the two eyes which may cause fatigue.

Yes,the controller can be used independently like a tablet.

No, telephony is not supported, however the hardware is connected and includes support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

For sim card support we would recommend the BT-45C or BT-45CS connected to a compatible Smart Phone.

4 hours for video display only.The operating time will vary depending on the usage environment. For example, when using remote support (using a camera, Wi-Fi, streaming display, etc.), it takes about 1.5 hours.To extend it, use a commercially available mobile battery.

Approx. 3 hours (when charging through the USB Type-C connector (for headset connections) using a 5V/2A power adapter with the device turned off

Hold the Function button (on the left side of the controller for 3 seconds).

The bottom port is for headset.
And the right side port is for charging or connecting other device such as mouse or keyboard.

The headset and the controller meet IP52 requirement.
However, if you are connecting the headset, the Type-C USB connector will not meet IP52, so please be careful when using it.

No, the headset and the controller do not have ATEX certification.

No, the battery is not hot swappable and cannot be changed.

You can use the earphone and microphone of the CTIA standard 4-pole jack. Some products such as noise canceling earphones cannot be used.

It cannot be used at the same time. No music is played from the speakers when plugged into the headphone jack.

Yes, but your application must support external cameras.

The pre-installed camera app does not support USB cameras.

Yes, the BT-45C Camera support Autofocus.

Please use the volume control function using MoverioLink/ MoverioLink Pro.
The microphone of the controller and the BT-45C headset mic have a noise reduction function.

When using an earphone microphone, change the audio output setting in the dedicated app (MOVERIOLink/ MOVERIOLink Pro) before use. The Moverio Basic Function SDK is also available.


Please use the Files app.

The OS (Firmware) can be updated via the network.
Please go to the Settings app System menu and check for updates.

The Controller run Android.

Push the Power switch & the Volume down key at the same time. The Screenshot will be stored into the folder,

In the trackpad mode, the image on the glasses side cannot be acquired.

Yes, this data is encrypted by the system software function.The SD card can be encrypted using the Settings app.

BT-45CS support Trackpad mode.Press the function button twice, then the UI mode will change.

No, you cannot mirror the Moverio headset to an external display using Miracast.


No, you cannot mirror the Moverio headset to an external display using Miracast.

<Software Mirroring>

Only when the controller UI mode is mirror mode,you can mirror the screen using 3rd party software solutions, that support this feature.

You can use voice recognision software which support Android operating system.

The controller supports Portrait and Landscape display, however since the headset is a Landscape display, please make the screen configuration compatible with Landscape display.

If the layout is set to Portrait, the image may be stretched or the buttons may be out of screen and cannot be operated.

Please note that the app cannot be started in trackpad mode in the following cases.

  1. When the tag <application android:resizeableActivity="false"> is defined in Android Manifest to declare non-support for extended display.
  2. When displaying the application screen on the extended display using the API of the Presentation class

It is possible to get the UI mode. Please use the API of Controller Function SDK.

The trackpad cursor control uses Android standard mouse control. Buttons that do not respond when pressed while using the mouse cannot be pressed even when the cursor is operated in trackpad mode.

Please use buttons with a Button class or ImageButton class that can be operated with the mouse.

Please refer to the developer's guide "Camera Control by Android CameraAPI".

When the headset is connected, the assignment of camera Id in BO-IC400N changes. Therefore, when saving the state in the cache of the application, please be careful not to cause inconsistency with when the BT-35E is not connected.

Click the "Cancel" button to cancel on the confirmation screen displayed when connecting to MOVERIO.

You can switch to mirror mode by pressing the switch key twice on the left of the device.

Please note that if you switch modes while using the app, the app may close and data may be lost.

No. You cannot use Google Play because the BT-45CS does not support Google Mobile Service.

No. The BT-45CS doesn't support GMS (Google Mobile Service).

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