How to install Android System WebView to MOVERIO

  1. Save the downloaded app to the internal storage of the Moverio device.
  2. Launch the "MovFiler" app and tap "up" twice to select "sdcard0".

  3. Position the cursor on the app and long press tap to "install".

  4. If the following message appears, tap "SETTINGS", otherwise go to 6.

  5. Enable "Unknown sources" and press the back key to return to the screen 3.

  6. Tap "INSTALL" and install the app.

How to confirm

Unlike normal applications, Android System WebView does not display icons in the launcher(app page).
Follow the next step to confirm that the installation was successful.

  1. Launch the "Settings" app and select "Apps".
  2. Tap "Android System WebView" in the "DOWLOADED" tab.

  3. If successful installed the version should be Chromium 65.
    Otherwise, please repeat the steps of "How to install Android System WebView".

  4. How to revert to the original version
    Tap the "UNINSTALL UPDATE" and select OK to revert to the original version.
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