You can view websites. Make sure the Wi-Fi setting is turning on and the wireless LAN environment that the product is connecting to is working properly. See the Start Guide and User's Guide for more information on the network settings.

Launching Browser

Tap browser icon on the App List screen. You see the website set as the homepage.

Searching for a Website

  1. Select the URL input field.
    You see the software keyboard.

    software keyboard
  2. Enter the search keyword or URL, and then select go icon on the software keyboard.
    You see the search results or the website for the URL you entered.

Menu List

Tap menu icon to access to the menu.

menu list
Refresh Refreshes the page.
Forward Displays the page displayed before selecting back icon in the browser. This function works only when you have pressed back icon at least once.
New tab Opens a new tab.
Share page Shares the current website by email or social media.
Find on page Searches within the current page using keywords.
Request desktop site Switches to the PC version of the page. This function works only when you are viewing the smartphone version of a page.
Page info Displays detailed page information.
Settings Changes the various browser settings.
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