You can capture movies and still images and read QR codes with the built-in camera.

  • Do not infringe copyright laws when editing, copying, or sharing data captured or recorded with the product.
  • Do not infringe the personality rights of other people when using, altering, or sharing their images or names without permission.
  • Follow the instructions at performances, business promotions, exhibitions, and so on where photography is prohibited or restricted.
  • Punishments may be imposed according to local laws and regulations for public disturbance or improper behavior caused by using the product.
The product does not have a built-in microphone. Use the supplied earphone microphone for recording voice and sound when capturing movies.

Launching Camera

Tap camera icon on the App List screen. You see the main Camera screen.
While the Camera is running, the indicator flashes.

Changing the Shooting Mode

  1. Drag the left edge of the screen.
    You see the shooting mode selection buttons.

    shooting mode selection screen
  2. Select the shooting mode you want to use.
    • camera icon: Captures still images.
    • video icon: Captures movies.

Take a Photo

  1. Select camera icon as a shooting mode.
  2. Select camera icon area on the right of the screen.
Photo is saved to the storage.

Make a Movie

  1. Select video icon as a shooting mode.
  2. Select video icon area on the right of the screen.
    Movie capture starts.
  3. Select stop icon to stop movie capture.
The captured movie is saved automatically to the storage.

Menu List

Tap setting icon to access to the menu.

setting list
Resolution & quality Sets the resolution and aspect ratio of the image.
Save location Saves the location where the photo or movie is taken.
Advanced Turns on or off the manual exposure setting.
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