You can play music saved to the product's internal storage or on a commercially available microSD card. To save music data to the product, connect the product to your PC with the supplied USB cable. Once your PC recognizes the product as a portable device, copy the data to the portable device. For more details, see the Start Guide.

Launching Music

Tap music icon on the App List screen. You see the main Music screen.

Listening to Music

On the Music main screen, select the track you want to play. The selected track starts.

You can do the following operations using the on-screen buttons.

music screen
  • play icon: Plays a track.
  • pause icon: Pauses a track.
  • previous icon: Skips to the previous track.
  • forward icon: Skips to the next track.
  • slider: Adjusts the playback position.
  • track list icon: Displays a track list.
  • shuffle icon: Shuffles playback tracks.
  • repeat icon: Repeats playback tracks.

Menu List

Tap menu icon to access to the menu.

menu list
Library Returns to the main Music screen.
Party shuffle Selects similar songs randomly.
Add to playlist Adds currently playing track to a playlist.
Delete Deletes currently playing track from the storage.
Sound effects Adjusts the equalizer settings.
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