devices settings screen


Brightness level Adjusts the display brightness level.
Adaptive brightness Adjusts the display brightness automatically depending on the brightness of the surroundings.
Wallpaper Specifies the wallpaper for the home screen.
Sleep Specifies the interval for sleep mode.
Daydream Specifies the display pattern while entering the sleep mode.
Font size Specifies the font size for display.
Cast screen Sends the product's screen to other device using the Miracast connection.
Receive screen Receives screens from the other product using the Miracast connection and displays the received screen on this product.

Sound and notification

Media volume/Alarm volume/Notification volume Adjusts the volumes for Media volume, Alarm volume and Notification volume. You can hear sounds via earphones.
Interruptions Specifies whether or not to interrupt the playback of the sound when a notification arrives.
Default notification ringtone Specifies the sound for the default notification.
Other sounds Specifies whether or not to output sounds when you lock the screen or when you perform the touch operations. If you want to disable vibration of the trackpad, turn off the Vibrate on touch setting.
Notification (When device is locked/App notifications/Notification access) Specifies the notification settings depending on the apps.


Internal storage Displays the amount of space used for the data saved on the internal storage.
SD card Mounts or unmounts the SD card and deletes all files on the SD card.


Displays the battery status.


Displays the RAM usage information for individual app.


Specifies user profiles.

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