personal settings screen


Turns on/off the location services.


Screen lock Specifies the type of the screen lock.
Owner info Specifies owner information to display on the locked screen.
Encrypt device Displays the status of data encryption for the internal storage.
Make passwords visible Specifies whether or not to show the password as you enter it.
Device administrators Turns on/off device administrators. Enable this setting when you use apps that require device administrations.
Unknown sources Specifies whether or not to permit the installation of apps from unknown sources.
Storage type Displays the data storage type.
Trusted credentials Turns on/off digital certificates for identifying devices. Digital certificates are used for connecting to networks and authenticating servers.
Install from SD card Installs a digital certificate saved on the microSD card.
Clear credentials Clears all certificates saved on this product.
Advanced (Trust agents/Apps with usage access) Adjusts the advanced security settings.


Manages the accounts used with this products.

Language and input

Language Specifies the language for display.
Spell checker Specifies the type of spell checker.
Tap to mute Turns on/off the tap to mute function.
Personal dictionary Registers and manages the user dictionary.
Current Keyboard Specifies the type of keyboard.
Android Keyboard (AOSP) Specifies various Android Keyboard settings.
iWnn IME Specifies various iWnn IME settings.
Text-to-speech output Adjusts the text-to speech function settings such as speaking speed and checks the voice samples.
Pointer speed Adjusts the pointer speed at which the pointer moves.

Backup and reset

Restores the product data and settings to the factory default. Factory data reset deletes all of its data saved in the product's internal storage. Make a backup of data that you want to keep before resetting the product.

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