system settings screen

Date and time

Automatic date and time Turns on/off the automatic date and time adjustments from the network. You need an Internet connection to use automatic date and time. When you turn off this setting, you can set date and time manually.
Select time zone Specifies the time zone where the product is used.
Use 24-hour format Specifies the time display format.


Caption Turns on/off the closed caption display.
Magnification gestures Turns on/off the action for triple-tapping.
Large text Enlarges the display text.
High contrast text Increases the contrast of the display text.
Speak passwords Turn on/off the password readings as you type passwords.
Accessibility shortcut Turns on/off the shortcut to the accessibility features.
Text-to-speech output Adjusts the text-to speech function settings such as speaking speed and checks the voice samples.
Touch and hold delay Adjusts the interval to detect holding down the track pad.
Touch and hold sensitivity Adjusts the sensitivity of detecting holding down the track pad.
Color inversion Inverts the color of the display.
Color correction Specifies the color mode of the display.


Manages the printing services.

Developer options

Tap Build number under About device menu seven times to display the Developer options menu. Refer to Android developer information for more details.

About device

System Updates Checks the available OS updates and performs updates.
Status Displays the status of battery, network and other information.
Legal information Displays legal statements.
Regulatory information Displays regulatory information.
Model number Displays model number.
Android version Displays Android version.
Kernel version Displays kernel version and OS version.
Build number Displays build number.
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