Moverio Basic Function SDK

Developer's Guide for Android & Windows

1. Introduction

1.1. Summary of MOVERIO application software development

Android application software development, you need the Android Software Development Kit (Android SDK) with is provided by Google and Moverio dedicated software development kit (Moverio Basic Function SDK) which is provided by Epson. Using Moverio Basic Function SDK, your application software can use the display, the camera and the sensors which are equipped on the MOVERIO. Moverio Basic Function SDK is supported the BT35E or later model with compatible API, then your software can be work on newer MOVERIO. Using Unityplug in wich si contained Moverio Basic Function SDK, you can use devices on the MOVERIO such as display, camera and sensors.

Windows aplication software can be develop with Windows standard development environment.

MOVERIO software development environment

  Android Studio Unity*1 Visual Studio

*1 Unity 2018.4.0f1 or later is supported

Note : Regarding head set model
Headset model such as BT-40 can be connected by USB to Android smartphone and Windows PC.
However, some of MOVERIO function cannot be used by compatibility of Android smartphone and Windows PC.
It is not supported Linux PC.

1.2. Scope of application of Moverio Basic Function SDK

The Moverio Basic Function SDK (formerly Moverio SDK) will be upgraded to support additional models, so please make sure you use the latest version of the Moverio Basic Function SDK when using it.

The Moverio Basic Function SDK will keep compatibility with later model by updating of version. Please use latest version of the Moverio Basic Function SDK.

The Moverio Basic Function SDK is not compatible with prior to the BT-350. The Moverio Basic Function SDK is only applied to develop Android application software. When developing an Android application, it can coexist with the SDK provided for past models. However, you need to use dedicated SDK each model prior to the BT-350.

  BT-200 BT-2000
BT-300 BT-350 BT-35E BT-30C BT-40
Android SDK  
BT-200 SDK              
BT-2000 SDK              
BT-300 SDK            
BT-350 SDK              
Moverio SDK
Moverio Basic
Function SDK
Moverio Basic
Function SDK

Moverio Basic
Function SDK


Note: The functions of Moverio's dedicated controller (model number: BO-IC400), which were provided in MoverioBasicFunctionSDK V1.1.0, are now provided in Moverio Controller Function SDK.

1.3. Supported function by Model

1.3.1. Display control

Function BT-35E/30E BT-30C BT-40 BT-45C
Brightness adjustment (manual)
Brightness adjustment (auto)  
Switch 2D/3D mode
Display on/off setting    
Display pixel shift function    
Display automatic sleep    
Display manual sleep    

1.3.2. Sensor control

Function BT-35E/30E BT-30C BT-40 BT-45C
Geomagnetic sensor
Gyro sensor
Illuminance sensor  
Gravity sensor
Linear accelerometer
Rotation vector sensor
Geomagnetic sensor unused rotation vector sensor    
Uncalibrated accelerometer    
Uncalibrated geomagnetic sensor    
Uncalibrated gyro sensor    
Headset motion detection    
Headset stillness detection    
Headset tap detection    

1.3.3. Camera control

Function BT-35E/30E BT-30C BT-40 BT-45C
Preview display    
Getting camera image    
Shooting still image / movie    
Setting capture format    
Setting resolution/framerate    
Exposure compensation mode setting    
Manual exposure compensation step adjustment    
Auto focus mode setting      
Manual focus adjustment      
Sharpness adjustment      
Brightness adjustment    
Gain adjustment    
White balance adjustment    
Power line frequency setting
Power line frequency setting
Camera indicator mode setting      

1.3.4. Audio control

Function BT-35E/30E BT-30C BT-40 BT-45C
Adjusting the earphone volume    
Setting volume limit mode      
Adjusting audio gain      
Setting audio device mode      

1.3.5. Device information

Function BT-35E/30E BT-30C BT-40 BT-45C
Headset system status
Headset serial number    
Product name
Headset system version
Device tempreture    
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