Moverio Basic Function SDK

Developer's Guide for Unity plug-in

1. Overview

1.1. Overview of Moverio Basic Function UnityPlugin

Moverio Basic Function UnityPlugin provides SDK for developing Android apps for MOVERIO using Unity. This SDK can control the functions installed in MOVERIO such as display control, camera control, sensor control, and audio control.

Functions that can be controlled by MoverioBasicFunction UnityPlugin

  • Display control
    • Brightness adjustment
    • Switching 2D / 3D display mode
    • Display ON / OFF
    • Control of virtual display distance
  • Camera control
    • Camera property settings
    • Camera data acquisition
    • Photography
    • Video shooting
  • Sensor control
    • Acquisition of sensor data
    • Sensor state change event acquisition
  • Aaudio control
    • Volume setting
    • Limit ON / OFF
    • Device mode setting
    • Audio gain adjustment step setting
  • Device state management
    • Connection detection
    • Get connection status
    • Get serial number
    • Product name acquisition

1.2. Restriction

Follows the Moverio Basic Function SDK. Check out the Moverio Basic Function SDK Developer’s Guide for more information.

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