Moverio Basic Function SDK

Moverio Basic Function SDK version 1.2.1 Release Notes

1. Moverio Basic Function SDK Supported feature

Display Manegement, Sensor Management, Audio Management, Device Management.

2. Sample Projects Supported feature

Display Manegement, Sensor Management, Audio Management, Device Management.

3. System requirement

Windows , Macintosh or Linux PC
and Android SDK to build an application on Android 7 or later.

4. How to use

Put the aar library and source code on your development environment.

5. Release Notes History

Revision Date Update contents
1.0.0 2019.
  • Initial release
1.0.1 2019.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the smartphone system hangs when using the camera function of Moverio SDK with a specific smartphone and BT-35E combination.
1.1.0 2020.
  • Renamed from Moverio SDK to Basic function SDK.
  • Supports working with BT-40/40S.
  • Supports for showing / hiding the display.
  • Supports for adjusting the virtual display distance of the display.
  • Supports for change display auto sleep and user sleep settings.
  • Supports data acquisition for newly sensors.
  • Supports detection of changes in the connection status between Moverio and host devices.
  • Supports for acquiring model information and headset serial number.
  • Supports for switching the touch operation mode in Inteligent Controller.
  • Supports the function to limit the key / touch operation in Inteligent Controller.
  • Supports for customizing key operation in Inteligent Controller.
1.2.0 2022.
  • Supports for the relevant functions of Inteligent Controller by the Moverio Controller Function SDK.
  • Supports working with BT-45C.
  • Supports for automatic / on / off switching the camera indicator on Moverio.
  • Supports for RGB565 / ARGB8888 / YUY2 / H264 switching the camera data format on Moverio.
  • Supports for automatic / manual switching the camera focus mode on Moverio.
  • Supports for gain controlling the camera on Moverio.
  • Supports for builtin-audio / audio-jack switching the audio device mode on Moverio.
  • Supports for gain controlling the audio on Moverio.
1.2.1 2022.
  • Improved use of Moverio's audio gain adjustment feature.
  • Support for building with targetSdkVersion 31.

6. What's new in Basic function SDK version 1.2.1

  • Moverio's audio gain adjustment feature no longer requires permission-group to be specified.

7. Issues fixed in Basic function SDK version 1.2.1

These are the known issue in version 1.2.0.

  • When an application that uses the Basic function SDK is built with targetSdkVersion 31, the functionality cannot be used properly.

8. Known issue in Basic function SDK version 1.2.1

  • When building an application that uses the camera function of Basic function SDK with "targetSdkVersion 28" or higher, may not work properly on Android 10 smartphone.
    Notes: At July 2020, the models that have been confirmed to cause this phenomenon are Sony smartphone Xperia 1 and Essential Products smartphone Essential Phone.
  • When using 8M video recording with the Basic function SDK's camera function, some smartphones may not save video files.

9. How to get

You can download the SDK after that you agree the Software License Agreement.

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