Moverio Controller Function SDK

Developer's Guide for Android

1. Introduction

1.1. Summary of Moverio application software development by Moverio Controller Function SDK

You can disable or reprogram all the buttons from within your Android app of dedicated Moverio USB Type-C controller for BT-35E, BT-40 and BT-45C headsets using the Moverio Controller Function SDK.

Moverio Controller Function SDK supports following development environment.

  Android Studio Unity*1
Android application

*1 Unity 2018.4.0f1 or later is supported

This document describes all the possible functions from the Moverio Controller Function SDK for your application development.
For information regarding app development with Unity, please refer to the developer's guide of Moverio Controller Function SDK UnityPlugin.
*Note: The functions introduced here are only for Moverio. You cannot use these functions on ordinary Android smartphones.

1.2. Moverio Controller Function SDK app scope

The Moverio Controller Function SDK is only for app development with the Moverio controller.
Please note that it is not possible to develop apps for Android smart phones or older Moverio products such as BT-300, BT-350 and earlier

(The Moverio controller+BT-30E)
(Dedicated controlle+BT-35E)
(Dedicated controlle+BT-40)
(Dedicated controlle+BT-45C)
Android smartphones Legacy Moverio controllers
Moverio Controller Function SDK V1.1.0

1.3. Moverio Controller Function SDK function list and OS version compatibility

Please look for the OS version on your controller to check which functions are supported.

  OS version HA24_R1.0.00/R1.0.01 HA24_R1.1.01 HA24_R2.0.00 HA24_R2.1.00
HA24_E1.0.00/E1.0.01 HA24_E1.1.01 HA24_E2.0.00 HA24_E2.1.00
HA24_V1.0.00/V1.0.01 HA24_V1.1.02 HA24_C2.0.00 HA24_C2.1.00
function HA24_C1.0.00/C1.0.01 HA24_C1.1.02 HA24_N2.0.00 HA24_N2.1.00
The control by dedicated API Key operation lock
Key code customization
Control controller's LED
Switch UI mode - - *2
Camera control by Android Camera API - *1 *3
Sensor control by Android Sensor API - - -

*1 Support only BT-35E's camera

*2 Add the feature of operating screen by arrow key

*3 Add the setting of Camera Custom State

If you have not updated the Moverio controller to the latest OS then some of the functions will be unusable. Therefore, please update OS to latest version by system update.

1.4. App development using Moverio Basic Function SDK

The Moverio Basic Function SDK allows you to control the Moverio headset, such as display settings, retrieve motion sensors data, access the camera and much more.

Moverio Basic Function SDK has following functions.

  • Headset display control function
  • Headset sensor control function
  • Headset camera control function
  • Headset audio control function

It also is possible to use the Moverio Basic Function SDK in application development with the Moverio controller and its application can control brightness of head display, switch 2D/3D displaying mode, and so on. In addition, it is possible to control the Moverio controller from same application by integrating Moverio Controller Function SDK to application.

Please refer to the developers guide of Moverio Basic Function SDK more detail information.

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